Stefania Luciani


First Friday Gallery - February 7th

February First Friday in Norristown, PA!

Join us in celebrating February's First Friday in Norristown!

These monthly events take place at Serene Arts Studios and Stefania Luciani's gallery, both located in Norristown, PA.

This Friday, the gallery will be open to the public, featuring stunning works from Stefania and featured artists, and accompanied by live music.

Featured artists this month include:

  • Sally Benton
  • Karen Kieser
  • Lynda Pilkington
  • Andy Benton
  • Don Englishman
  • William Kullmann
  • Sasha Yudin

Live music performed by Daniel Gardner.

We have word that Timshel Coffee will be open next door serving up scrumptious refreshments, and afterwards we'll be headed to Five Saints Distillery across the street for some amazing cocktails!

Join us this week to celebrate art, music, food, and community! 

1:30 - 3:00 PM
Serene Arts Studios
601 Chain St, Studio 7
Norristown, USA

6:30 - 9:00 PM
108 E. Main St
Norristown, USA